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Adele helps Harry and Meghan settle into life in Hollywood!
Adele helps Harry and Meghan settle into life in Hollywood!

The Sussexes moved to California from Canada in March, following their withdrawal from frontline royal duties in Britain.

Meghan and Harry are living in the £15 million Beverly Hills mansion of Hollywood star Tyler Perry.

Adele lives nearby in a mansion she purchased for £7.7million in 2016.


The trio first bonded while visiting a community kitchen for Grenfell Tower victims in December 2018. According to the UK Mirror, the international pop star has been giving the couple “tips” for living in Beverly Hills.

Adele has been helping Meghan and Harry find “discreet” areas, and even recommended schools for their 1-year-old son Archie.Adele loves the neighbourhood. She’s also recommended her four-year-old son Angelo’s pre-school and discreet places to take Archie where they won’t be bombarded by fans.Meghan admires how Adele has managed to keep out of the spotlight despite being a huge star,” Back in 2011, Adele joked to that she was “after” Prince Harry because his partying lifestyle would be a “right laugh”.


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