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Lady Gaga To Release New Song ‘Stupid Love’ this week!
Lady Gaga To Release New Song ‘Stupid Love’ this week!

There’s been a lot of speculation about whether Lady Gaga would bother to release ‘Stupid Love’ after the song allegedly leaked last month.

This will be the first new material that Gaga has released since the ‘Star Is Born’ soundtrack.

The artwork also includes the word ‘Chromatica’ which people are speculating could be the name of her next album. Gaga makes reference to her sixth album herself with the added hashtag “#LG6”.

Of course, ‘Stupid Love’ might not be a completely new sound to some major Lady Gaga fans as an early version of the song was actually leaked onto the internet about a month ago.

This leaked tracked showed ‘Stupid Love’ to be a disco-infused anthem reminiscent of Gaga’s earlier work on her ‘Born This Way’ album, but it’s not known whether changes have been made for the official release.

Of course, it would be PERFECT if this was a Born This Way-esque track because it’s set to drop literally the night before our Mardi gras celebrations kick off in Sydney!

Stupid Love will be released at 4pm on Friday AEDT so get ready to boogie your way to Gaga into the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday night!

Fans had shared a piece  of the track on social media, and it was allegedly due for release on February 7th.

When that date came and went, it cast doubt over the song’s release. Gaga had previously taken to Twitter to chastise fans for sharing the leak – although it backfired when she was herself accused of copyright infringement by using an unauthorised picture.

Lady Gaga’s last studio LP was 2016’s Joanne. Since then, Gaga has kept busy; she received widespread praise (and an Oscar nomination) for her role of Ally in A Star Is Born, and won the Best Original Song Oscar for “Shallow” at the 2019 Academy Awards. Gaga also kicked off her Las Vegas residency in December 2018.

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