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Lottie and Pasquale win Dancing with the Stars!
Lottie and Pasquale win Dancing with the Stars!

Lottie Ryan and Pasquale La Rocca have been crowned Dancing with the Stars champions for 2020!

The final took place without a studio audience because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I actually have no words . . . this journey has been the best thing I have ever said ‘yes’ to,” says the 2FM presenter after she is awarded the Glitterball Trophy by public vote. “Getting to meet these people – it has been life changing for me.”

The final was originally to be held next week. But, to ensure the well-being of dancers and crew, RTÉ decided on Sunday to bring forward the finale by seven days and dispense with the semi-final.

The absence of an audience had a major impact on the atmosphere. Ryan, Ryan Andrews, Gráinne Gallanagh and Aidan Fogarty stomp and swirl in an empty studio, the only accompaniment a smattering of applause from the cast of pro dancers.
“It really puts everything into perspective. I hope we gave an enjoyable performance,” says Gallanagh of the unusual circumstances in which DWTS is bowing out. “It’s not ideal . . . ,” says Forgarty “But we danced our socks off.”

“It’s great that we’ve got a final – we really turned this around today,” says DWTS creative director Darren Bennett, again replacing the poorly Julian Benson. “We had some of the best dances of the season tonight.”

Congratulations Lottie and Pasquale!

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