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Penneys share new safety measures  as they re-open their doors!
Penneys share new safety measures as they re-open their doors!

As Penneys prepares to re-open tomorrow Friday June 12th they have released new images showing their new health and safety measures.

In a press release, the company shared photos from their flagship store on Mary Street Dublin, showing how spaced out tills will be, the use of new screens and placement of hand sanitisers.



While street access stores open on Friday, Penneys located in shopping centres will be back open on June 15th.


In the new store layout, Penneys have extensive health and safety measures that will be in place across all stores, including a strict social distancing protocol, personal protection for employees and customers such as hand sanitisation stations and Perspex protective screens at tills, and clear signage to help guide customers through the store.


Penneys stores across Ireland with street access will open tomorrow from 10.30am.


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