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Robbie Williams set to reunite with Take That for online conceert!
Robbie Williams set to reunite with Take That for online conceert!

Exciting news for Take That fans, as Robbie Williams will reunite with the band for an extra special lockdown concert!

Linking up from the comfort of his own home, singer Robbie, 46, will join Gary Barlow, 49, Mark Owen, 48, and Howard Donald, 52, to perform the virtual gig almost thirty years after the release of their first album.

The boys will be singing some of their classic hits in the very first Meerkat Music show, courtesy of our friends at Compare the Market.

“The gig will go out into people’s homes over the internet and each band member will be performing from their own homes so they won’t actually be together.”

“They can’t be physically reunited because of travel restrictions and Corona rules but it is still them all coming together to perform their hits, something no one has seen in a long time.”

Take That expressed their joy on reuniting virtually during this difficult time.

“It’s always great getting back together with Robbie and we are really excited to be part of this unique show that everyone can enjoy from home,” they commented.
“I am really looking forward to performing with the boys again — it’s always a pleasure,” Robbie added.

The concert will raise money for charities who are working on the frontline.

The foursome will be performing on the music app Meerkat Music and it will begin a week on Friday at 8 pm on the CompareTheMeerkat YouTube channel and Facebook Live.


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