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Scott and Sofia have Officially Split Up!
Scott and Sofia have Officially Split Up!

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have ended their relationship after dating for nearly three years!

Scott 37, and Sofia 21, are still in contact after their split and that “there wasn’t a fight or anything bad that happened between them,” a source told the outlet.Apparently, Sofia wants to try to make a name for herself outside of her relationship with Scott. As a result, she has been spending more time with her family and has moved out of his house.

The news comes a few weeks after Disick checked out of rehab and plans to sue the treatment facility for allegedly leaking a photo of him from a group meeting to the press.

After some speculation about the state of Sofia and Scott’s relationship, we may finally have some clarity. According to Us Weekly, Scott and Sofia are on a break until Scott “straightens himself out more.
Earlier this month, Scott allegedly checked into a treatment facility, though not for substance abuse, but because he’s been having a hard time dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine.

According to a source, while “at the beginning of the quarantine Scott was doing really well and was doing a great job at taking care of himself and staying positive and healthy,” that is no longer the case. “The quarantine has taken a toll on him and brought up old feelings and habits that may have not been fully resolved.”

Now, Scott seems to be working on himself, so he and Sofia are taking some time apart. “Scott is in an OK place right now and is trying to get better and focus on work, but he has to prove himself,” said the source. Richie reportedly wants Scott to “take care of his health” and “thinks Scott has a lot on his plate right now and thinks it’s best for them to be apart so he can focus on himself.”

A lot of fans are now hoping that Kourtney and Scott will get back together!!

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